Alchemy+, the higher-level course for graduates of Alchemy Leadership Seminar. This four day training for Executive Directors and their Board Chairs will be held January 2018 – May 2018 in Los Angeles. Among the central issues addressed are fundraising, diversity, equity and inclusion, Board governance, nonprofit advocacy, storytelling, fundraising and financial management. In addition to intensive learning sessions, participants are given implementation tools and interactive activities to learn from their network of peers.

Successful completion qualifies an organization to apply for a capacity-building grant up to $10,000. All alumni of past Alchemy Leadership Seminars can apply for Alchemy+ at no cost to the organization, as long as they meet the following criteria for eligibility:

  • Executive Director must have attended all three Alchemy Leadership Seminar sessions, in addition to submitting all assignments before the stated deadline.
  • Executive Director and Board Chair must agree to attend all four Alchemy+ sessions.
  • The application period for 2018 is closed.

Sessions will be held Los Angeles on the following days:

January 31, 2018
March 9, 2018
April 13, 2018
May 18, 2018

Training Descriptions

Day 1 / Morning: Board Governance:
  • To ensure that the leadership team, the Executive Director and the Board Chair, are aware of the legal rules and responsibilities that apply to nonprofit organizations
  • For participants to assess their board culture and identify areas of growth
Day 1 / Afternoon: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:
  • To increase participant awareness related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit sector
  • For participants to learn best practices for organizations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion
Day 2 / Morning: Advocacy & Lobbying in the Nonprofit Sector:
  • To understand the threshold of allowable advocacy and lobbying for nonprofits
  • To understand the lobbying rules for nonprofits
  • To increase knowledge on nonprofits and ballot measure campaigns
Day 2 / Storytelling & Developing Your Call to Action:
  • Strengthen your organizations story and your call to action.
  • Develop the skills necessary to empower your audience and inspire your supporters to support a specific advocacy campaign or fundraising goal
Day 3 / Morning: Building Your Fundraising Skills:
  • To understand the elements of a compelling case for support and practice refining case for support to address donor motivations
  • To begin to understand the major planned giving instruments and the typical profile of donors for each instrument
Day 3 / Afternoon: Understanding Your Financials:
  • To increase Executive Directors’ and Board Chairs’ financial awareness for better planning and decision-making
  • To expand Executive Directors’ and Board Chairs’ understanding of their financial responsibilities and how to proactively convey their organizational standing through their 990’s
  • Improve overall business decision-making tactics and the related financial risks and challenges
Day 4 / Morning: Succession Planning:
  • Best practices in succession planning
  • Overview of developing your leadership transition plan
  • Learning the importance of training, staff development and creating a sustainable venture
Day 4 / Afternoon: Panels:
  • Learn from key funders the key ingredients of the nonprofit pitch, proposal development and building professional relationships with your supporters
  • Learn from past Alchemy Plus participants, through their successes and failures, the tactics they have learned throughout their careers